CBSE Adolescence Education Programme

CBSE Adolescence Education Programme was organised in in our school, for teachers and next day for Principals. 91 teachers and 62 Principals attended the programme. The programme concentrated on spread and control of STIs, RTIs, HIV/ Aids and sex related social issues. At mental health level, the programme effectively covered negative and positive feelings. The programme was guided by Senior Principals under the supervision, Ms Kamakshi Vashist from CBSE and Ms Kusum Prasad from UNFP. A lively discussion followed and summed up with the suggestion that counseling service should be organized at school level. Through different activities according to AEP guideline, a sense of understanding and awareness among the growing children could be developed.

CBSE Induction Course for Principals

CBSE organized an Induction Course for Principals of newly affiliated schools on 21st and 22nd August 2009. Inaugurating the course, Sri Vineet Joshi, IAS, Chairman CBSE, acquainted the Principals with the organization and functioning of CBSE. Sri Ashok Ganguly, Ex-Chairman , CBSE laid emphasis on leadership qualities in Principals directly involved in the process of educational transformation. Sri Rajbir Singh, Regional Officer, CBSE, Allahabad region, informed the Principals of the activities planned by CBSE.

CBSE Economics Workshop -2009-2010

CBSE Economics Workshop was organized by the school on 17th and 18th September, 2009. 16 Teachers from 52 schools participated. The workshop covered National and global issues focusing on improving teaching methods and equipping the participants to cope with new changes in curriculum and life. The workshop was conducted by Sri S.N Sharma from Delhi and Ms Veenu Agarwal, Sri P.N. Sinha and Ms Asha Lata Sinha from various branches of DPS.

Regional Level Science Exhibition

CBSE organized Regional Level Science Exhibition (Allahabad Region) on 21st & 22nd August-2009 at Rani Laxmi Bai Memorial Sr.Sec.School, Sec-14, Indira Nagar, Lucknow. The School made suitable arrangements in 21 spacious class rooms for the display of 110 models, mostly functional, from 55 schools of U.P. & Bihar.

The inaugural ceremony was held in the vast air conditioned auditorium named after Param Veer Chakra Awardee Amar Shaheed Capt. Manoj Kumar Pandey, an Ex-student of the Institution. Shri Vineet Joshi I.A.S. Chairman CBSE accompanied by Shri Rajbir Singh Regional Officer Allahabad Region, Sc. Consultant DR R.P. Sharma and Education Officer Dr. Sadhana Parashar, graced the occasion. Eminent scholars from the Lucknow University, and NBRI, and Principals of CBSE affiliated Schools from Lucknow & Kanpur actively associated themselves with the various programmes and evaluation.

In his inaugural address Shri Vineet Joshi emphasized that inquisitiveness is a natural instinct in a child and may gradually fade if not satisfied or encouraged. The present Science Exhibition is a fulfillment of this instinct of questioning , a zeal for understanding and an urge to reacting It is important how teachers equip themselves suitably to satisfy the learner’s curiosity. Science Teaching is not only teaching a subject but is inculcating scientific spirit of enquiry, and experimentation . Knowledge of science should be imparted through practical work in labs and outside labs, in School and in life. Science Exhibition should be held as the culmination of normal teaching process going on throughout the year.

Apprising the august gatherings of the deliberations going on in CBSE, Shri Vineet Joshi highlighted the significant advantages of holding the Class X Exam as a home exam at school level. He also discussed various measure CBSE is planning to bring about CCE (Continuous, Cumulative Evaluation) in Classes IX and X.

Later Shri Vineet Joshi accompanied by educationists, from CBSE and scholars from Lucknow, went round the exhibition, put searching questions, offered his comments and appreciated the performance. A large number of parents , Principals and teachers of sister institutions visited the exhibition and commended the high standard of Science education in CBSE schools of the Region.

The exhibition covered six sub themes: Science and Technology for Global Sustainability Agriculture and Food Security, Harnessing Energy, Conservation of Natural Resources, Combating Climate Changes, Disaster Management and Mathematical modeling under the main theme The exhibits, mostly functional modes were evaluated on both days by a panel of eminent scholars from H.A.L. Sr. Sec. School, NBRI, Lucknow University and I.T. college , headed by S.K. Bhargavam Dy. Dir. ITRC & Head Environment Section & Chairman, U.P. State Expert appraisal Committee.

Fifteen best exhibits were selected for participation at CBSE National Level Exhibition. Shri Jai Pal Singh, Founder Manager of Rani Laxmi Bai Memorial Group of Schools, Lucknow addressed the participants and the authorities of CBSE. Talking about the role of the institution in hosting CBSE Regional, Zonal and National exhibitions. Principals’ Induction Courses and academic programmes, he thanked CBSE for giving such opportunities. He also thanked the participants for their excellent preparation and presentation. Representatives of the participants extended their gratitude to the institution for comfortable and safe stay and suitable facilities. The programme concluded with the announcement of results.

Inservice and Preservice Courses and Workshops

In Rani Laxmi Bai Memorial Group of Schools, all teachers, including very senior teachers continue to learn and improve their professional competence through out their career.In April/May Workshops/Courses were organized to understand newly introduced books and chapters/topics and to prepare topic were question banks.

Candidates aspiring to be teachers here, attended preservice training in English, General Studies, Indian Constitution and their respective subjects. They observed model lessons presented by senior teachers and themselves presented lessons on pre-assigned topics. Finally they faced written tests and interview before they were included in the august gathering of teachers.

This year, all teachers teaching Classes III-V and VI-VIII for years, were required to face written tests in their respective subjects. This innovating programme brought home the fact that education in Primary and Junior classes was as important as that of Board classes. Special workshops were conducted by Nirmal Tandon ,the coordinating Principal in Oct for Class IX teachers to discuss the newly implemented CBSE programme of Formative and Summative exams.

Kiledar Memorial Basket Ball Tournament

In honour of Shri Kiledar our late Director Games a Basket Ball Tournament was conducted on 29th and 30th June. In addition to all our Schools, other schools viz. Seth M.R. Jaipuriya School and spring Dales college enthusiastically participated and won prizes. The first positions were bagged by Sec-14 Indira Nagar, and C Block, Indira Nagar, Lucknow

Summer Camps in Games/Cultural Acitivities

All talented students were given training and practice in community singing and folk dances. Intensive coaching in athletics and major games namely hockey, volley ball, basket ball, tennis and kho-kho was provided by our highly qualified PETs and state level games coaches.

Kiledar Memorial Basket Ball Tournament

In honour of Shri Kiledar our late Director Games a Basket Ball Tournament was conducted on 29th and 30th June. In addition to all our Schools, other schools viz. Seth M.R. Jaipuriya School and spring Dales college enthusiastically participated and won prizes. The first positions were bagged by Sec-14 Indira Nagar, and C Block, Indira Nagar, Lucknow

Felicitation of Dedicated Teachers

Soon after the reopening of Schools after vacation, Felicitation function was organized on 27th June-2009 to appreciate honour teachers for their excellent results in Board classes. The coordinating principal Mrs. Nirmal Tandon recorded the growth of Rani Laxmi Bai Memorial Group of Schools during the last about forty years. Presenting a detailed subject wise analysis of Board Exam results, she complimented the teachers for steadily moving forward, with 63 students in XII and 144 students in Class X scoring 90% and more in aggregate this year. The best three teachers in each subject were honoured followed by all others who had given 100% results. Later Shri Jai Pal Singh, Founder Manager expressed his pleasure over the progress the Schools were making but informed that there was still a lot to be done. He guided and motivated the teachers who had still to attain excellence.

The Felicitation function continued on Teacher’s Day (observed this year later as a preventive measure against Hin!) After a ceremonial start and a brief cultural programme presented by large groups, the function honoured all teachers whose results in all classes from Nur to XII had been exemplary. This was categorically emphasised that the work, achievements and also weaknesses of all teachers and not only of Board class teachers were constantly being observed and evaluated.

Disaster Management Programme

Disaster Management programme was organized for the students and PTIs of the school. The Chief Guest, Sri Kumar Deepak, State coordinator, Government of India inaugurated the programme enlightening the audience on the precautionary measures to be taken if disaster strikes on a regular school day. A Mock Drill was performed on stage by Class-IX students guided by PTIs. The programme culminated by a poster competition for class IX to XII students. The winners were awarded in Lucknow Festival, 2009.

Mini Olympiad, 2009

Mini Olympiad, 2009 : was organized by Sahodaya School Complex, Lucknow Chapter from 15th to 20th December 2009 covering 4 games and 7 events in athletics separately for boys and girls. 64 schools contested in these tournaments. The school hosted volleyball and basketball for senior boys and senior girls. The boys team of the school stood first in Volleyball, Basketball and Kho-Kho. Gang Bahadur Thapa of the school was the winner at Shot Put and Discuss Throw athletic events. Sri Jaipal Singh, the Founder Manager, Rani Laxmi Bai Memorial Group of Schools urged the contesting teams to lay more emphasis on sportsman spirit than on winning matches.

CBSE Cluster IV Basket ball Tournament-2010

was organized by our school for boys. All matches were played in excellently maintained basket ball courts and were judged by eminent officers guided by Shri R.K. Gaaba, International player and referee.

The tournament was inaugurated by Shri Jai Pal Singh, founder manager of the school, in the august presence parents of amar shaheed Captain Manoj Kumar Pandey, PVC, amar shaheed Lt. Navneet Rai and amar shaheed Major Ritesh Sharma.

71 schools from U.P. and Bihar sent their teams to the cluster tournament. Prizes were given away by Shri S.P. Sharma (ARA), Shri Jai Pal Singh, Founder Manager honoured all distinguished guests and coaches/ managers and urged the participants to carry brotherhood and sports spirit with them.

CBSE Science Exhibition( Allahabad region )

Regional level CBSE Science Exhibition( Allahabad region ) was organized on 21st and 22nd August, 2009 by the school. 110 models, mostly functional were displayed by the 55 schools of U.P. and Bihar covering six sub-themes. The exhibits and models were evaluated by a panel of eminent scholars from HAL, Senior Secondary School, NBRI, Lucknow University and I.T. College, headed by Sri S.K. Bhargava, Dy. Dir. ITRC and Head Environmental Section and Chairman, U.P. State expert appraisal committee. Sri Jaipal Singh, Founder Manager addressed the participants and the authorities for their excellent preparation and presentation.