The school has a well established air conditioned K.K. Nair Memorial library as an integral part of the school. To inspire the students to acquire additional knowledge and to develop in them, the passion for reading so that they may learn to go beyond the pages of their text books. This treasure of books is very well managed by qualified librarians. It provides a stimulating, user friendly and information rich environment. Its resources also help in integrating it, with our well equipped laboratories and its activities. It has a vast collection of approx 50,000 fiction and non-fictional books. Our Library has also a rich collection of also 15,000 books donated by Sri K.K. Nair.I.E.S. based on art and craft, travel, drama, poetry, philosophy, competitions. A wide range of encyclopedia and reference books including maps and charts, for the recreational and curriculum needs of students and as well as teachers. We subscribe to a large number of journals and periodicals regularly. 

Teacher Resource Section of the library is regularly upgraded and updated for the teachers. It also has a wide range of regularly updated CBSE and NCERT publications as well. Library periods are slotted for classes and the students are helped in selecting useful books by their teachers and the librarian.